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              The Song Factory

The Song Factory is a collective of musicians who come
together to record the works of Julie Carter

Julie is a traditional songwriter who focuses exclusively 
on songwriting. She believes in the old adage of
"Each to their Own" and refuses to succumb to any temptation
to get involved in music arrangement or performance.

Despite being an incorrigible extrovert on stage, Julie
knows that she can't do justice to her works anymore.

Via "The Song Factory" brand, she has a collective of 
featured artists for whom she writes new material on
a regular basis. By retaining control of The Song Factory,
Julie can maintain ongoing promos and social media presence.

The Song Factory does from time to time, accept
private commissions to write tribute songs





                                                      Recent Works

Falling Apart at the Seamsimg




 HaereMaiCover1000LAFAW CoverI Need Love coverimg

Paul Clav

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"The Song Factory" Information

Publisher: ArrangeMe
Record Label: Songs of Humanity
Contact Details:
Campbell Street Studios
15 Campbell Street,Taumarunui 3920 NZ
Ph: 07 808 0722
+64 027 641 7915
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