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                         Wolei Sway Sings Uncle Joe

Reacting to October 7 incursion, Joe Biden rushed in
with two huge warships and the supply of heavy weaponry
(otherwise not used in urban warfare)
This support almost pales into insignificance compared to
Biden offering "unwavering" support for Israel. Thus, no
matter what the Israelis did, they had the might and support
of the U.S.A.
Even more sinister was Netanyahu referring to the next phase
of the war as The Second Independence War. The Zionist movement
has always wanted to rid Palestine of Palestinians and there are now
rumblings of relocating Gaza to the Sinai Desert.
Joe Biden didn't start this was war, but his intervention has been catasphrophic.
Hopefully, this simple message to "Uncle Joe" will resonate in the right ears.
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Song Title: Uncle Joe
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Song Published by ArrangeMe
Uploaded: 20 December 2023
Release Date: 31 December 2023
Published by: ArrangeMe

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