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I am really excited to tell you about this songwriting portal. To make the creative process as straightforward as possible, I will teach you to write incredible songs using Hookpad software. (See demo below) You'll be amazed how fast you will progress, so I look forward to the opportunity of meeting you online. These days it has become a pre-requisite for musicians to perform their own material. So, with clever technology and a little guidance from me, you can rapidly advance up the ranks. When it comes to basics, it is the same for everyone. From music professionals to music hobbyists, the crunch inevitably comes when confronted by a piece of blank paper where the lyric is to be written. Don't be intimidated, even Elton John has openly admitted that he doesn't write lyrics. But you can, with just a little coaching. When it comes to putting a lyric to music, by far the most straightforward way is to use Hookpad software. Very affordable, Hookpad will have you writing like a professional in a short time.

The Secret of Songwriting

Six steps of basic lyric writing
1. Identify the emotion that your song will convey
2. Scope out the different aspects and opportunities that your song will explore
3. Write down random thoughts that spring to mind. The more ideas the better. Highlight the really good phrases.
4. Now try to put together a verse or chorus, remembering to adhere to the protocols you created in the scope. Pay particular attention to tenses and to the audience you are addressing.
5. Identify ideas that would form the chorus and write a rough sample.
6. Collate your lyrics into verse/chorus format and upload to Hookpad. Inevitably you will modify your lyric as you add music, so don't beat yourself up over quality. Write only one verse at this stage. Subsequent verses will replicate the first verse format

Putting Lyrics to Music

To put your lyric to music, we recommend you invest in the Hookpad interface. This is a composer's dream! Things like keys, tempo, backing can all be changed with one or two clicks. You will be working in relative notation which is the most user friendly medium for composing. And remember, there is instant playback of everything, so an opportunity presents itself to be really creative. 
You can compose on a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and many seasoned writers do, but changing or amending note durations on what is known as a "piano roll" is not user friendly like Hookpad. Nonetheless, when your creation is ready, you can drop a MIDI version into your favorite DAW then work on arrangements if you so wish.
WinnrStrategy does not encourage students to venture beyond the Hookpad "band" presets while composing. In fact, arranging is a highly skilled profession all on it's own, so don't overburden yourself while learning to compose.

Coaching Options



You don't have to be a keyboard expert to write music with Hookpad. In fact it is probably easier to explore melody options in a note by note manner. Revising chord progressions to suit your melody is best served by a note by note approach. Nonetheless,Hookpad has a built-in keyboard that you can use to create melodies, or you can use your own keyboard via MIDI port.  Photo by Soundtrap on Unsplash

Write Your Own Music



There's no better feeling than to perform original material. Provided you register your works with a performing rights association, you will get a small renumeration every time the song is performed by you or others. Click on the start button below to listen to a recent demo song of mine created on Hookpad. Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Hookpad Demo

This demo demonstrates two of the many control features available in Hookpad. See how simple it is to identify stable notes and change keys simply by clicking the control buttons

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   Photo by Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

The Next Step

I hope you have found the material on this page sufficiently empowering to take matters to the next level. There are millions of wannabe songwriters out there who don't get to move beyond START, but I will teach you how to make a song emerge from a blank piece of paper. Not my song, but something that is 100% yours. So let's do this! Click here for all you need to know about Hookpad, Hooktheory. Book free introductory coaching lesson here

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